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Pastel pink

I really want to paint our entryway pale pink. It seems I never manage to get around to doing it for some reason but I would really love to do it (Alex, are you reading this?). Pale pink is one of the most soothing and easy colours to match. I totally hate the fact that it is so often associated with being feminine. Colours don’t have a sex. 
With this statement, I wish you a happy Easter, an Easter full of colour
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New Ikea wireless charging furniture

Ikea is always ahead, no doubt about it.
The new wireless charging furniture range is the umpteenth example of their talent in responding to new needs and habits. It includes coffee tables, bedside tables, lamps and pads fitted with wireless charging spots that supports the common Qi industry standard and therefore compatible with IPhones and Samsung cell phones)
Soon you will be able to charge your phone just putting it on a table. 
The Ikea wireless charging collection will be available next month in USA and UK and soon after in the rest of the world. Good job. 
Last night I was reading on the internet (I want to buy the biography!) the story of Ikea‘s founder Ingvar Kamprad, a weird character who built an empire from nothing, a marketing genius and a brilliant mind who once said that designing “a desk which may cost $1,000 is easy for a furniture designer, but to design a functional and good desk which shall cost $50 can only be done by the very best”.
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Urban Outfitters’s rugs



Hello, I had just bought a rug for Giulio’s room when I saw these beautiful rugs from Urban Outfitters. I have been to Urban Outfitters dozens of times but for some strange reason I keep forgetting that they also sell furnishings.
As you probably well know by experience, buying a rug is not an easy task. 
There are two main issues: price and size. Price, because the lack of quality really shows in a rug and decent rugs cost a lot. On the other hand-buying a second hand one, for instance an old handmade kilim like the one I bought for my Giulio’s room, is a slow, sometimes unfruitful job, because it is almost impossible to find a rug you like, with the colours you were looking for, at the price you can afford and with the right measurements. We are going to speak about this further in the next post (in order to answer to your emails!) but in the meanwhile I wanted to propose  another option, the trendy collection of rugs by Urban Outfitters
I really like the first and the second one, from top left, what about you?
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Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

 With colours it is all a question of light. This is Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball, a shade I have recently used and I really like because it is rich but not too strong, it a sea blue with a hint of grey. Colours absorb light: look how different the same paint appears to be in all these photos, in different naturally or artificially lit rooms. Take these issues into consideration when you choose your next colour palette, the shade you pick could look much darker than expected or change according to the time of the day or the weather or the artificial lighting. It is always advisable painting a large patch of the chosen colour on the wall and observe it for a day. Don’t be afraid to experiment though: the beauty and the fun of paint is that it is easily changeable. 
Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball looks really good in contrast with white. 
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The corner sofa

Charles sofa by Moroso

When I am asked some advice about a sofa, first of all I try to understand what the person in front of me likes, what their idea of relaxation is etc. Most people, above all in Italy, tell me that they would like a corner sofa because they are perfect for slobbing. Now I have to admit that I am not a big television viewer and I probably spend less than two hours a week in front of it (funnily enough, when I do it I watch c*ap T.V. like Geordie Shore or Fashion Hunters) so I struggle to understand this passion for corner sofas. I’m sure that they are comfortable, and when you have one you can avoid buying an armchair, in some cases they help to separate a room; still I often find corner sofas inadequate for the space they are located in and often cumbersome. The most important thing  is to choose the right furniture for the space and not the other way around. If you can’t live without a corner sofa, first of all take the measurements of the room properly. It sounds obvious but you can’t imagine how many times I see houses with pieces of furniture out of proportion. As a generic rule,  none of the pieces of furniture should be dominating. Keep in mind when you decide the budget that if you live in a city where houses are generally smaller, your corner sofa might not fit so well in your next house. Corner sofas should never be put by radiators because they block the spreading of the warmth.  Because they have big dimensions, go for slender models, for instance with legs or with thin arms or no arms at all. If the space where you are going to put it is not very big, go for light colours. Last but not least look for brands that have corner sofas that can be separated into different individual pieces.

Gentry sofa by Moroso


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H&M cushions

+deco_cushion_H&M_2 +deco_cushion_H&M_1
+deco_cushion_H&M_3 +deco_cushion_H&M_5
Hello everyone, I’m back from holiday full of energy. I love this season, I love the end of the summer, the positive drive that we often have after the holiday and the cosiness that the imminent autumn brings.
I would like to thank all of you, all the people who read my blog periodically and all the people who just pop in. This blog means a lot to me, it coincided with an important period, a meaningful passage of my life. In fact I started +deco just after I had my first child, taking advantage of a few months of maternity leave, the first time span in my life where I wasn’t studying or working (in the last few years I  have been working far too much). I love selecting, thinking and creating my posts. I hope this shows. 
After this open hearted introduction, lets get back to ‘business’. These lovely cushions are from H&M Home. The quality is not great but they look good and they are affordable. Also the basic models -like the velvet ones above- come in many cool colours, perfect if you need to spice up a room. Check the website out, there are often sales (generally the best items are not reduced in price) and promotions on. Many of you might have to buy online, because H&M Home is only open in a few countries, unlike the clothing shops that  are widespread.