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Treehouse hotels

Hello my lovely readers, how are you?

I am well, I spent the entire afternoon at home today because Giulio had a bad cough and I didn’t have a back up sitter. It was actually nice, I managed to do the little chores around the house that I generally do in super-fast mode (and probably badly). However I am never quite on top of things but, if the situation is under control, I don’t mind it.

It is part of my personality, not saving myself and making an effort to do things that, I believe, make my life more beautiful. For instance I always set the table properly even if it is only me and Giulio dining. I always put a fork and knife even if I know we probably won’t use it, I always put a bowl and a flat dish and a napkin.

Life is too short to not make an effort.

It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to spend a week or two in one of the resorts shown below of course, even if I could probably find a way to keep myself busy.

Which one would you go for?

They are all incredible but the one I like best is the Kingston Treehouse even if I don’t understand how you don’t find a monkey in your bed..or maybe that is part of the fun…

Ka Bru Forest Villa, Itacarè, Bahia.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden.

Kingston Treehouse, Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa.

Sanctuary Baines, Botswana.

Nay Palad Bird Nest, Segera Resort, Kenya.

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Samantha Santana’s bold peel and stick wallpaper

I got very enthusiastic recently about Samantha Santana’s wallpaper. First of all it is an explosion of bright colours, a blast of flowers; also her wallpaper, in the peel and stick version, is very convenient not just because of the price but also because it is easy to apply and easy to remove unlike traditional wallpaper (and you can find this version as well on Samatha Santana‘s website).

It is a good idea for photo shoot backgrounds as well (and this is why it caught my attention in the first place)

Samantha Santana’s designs almost have a photographic definition that gives them depth and a more contemporary look. They are in fact much more audacious than many of the flowery country-house-style wallpaper on the market.

On Samantha Santana‘s website there is a video where she shows how to apply them onto the wall; it looks very easy.

This fabric wallpaper is printed on a woven material with green eco-friendly inks which make it even more appealing.

Before putting it up though, make yourself sure that the plaster on the wall is compact and not about to crumble (even if it doesn’t look like it is sometimes it does). It is advisable in fact to test the material on the wall first.

In any case, I am sure you can think of many different places to use this summery uplifting wallpaper!

Samantha is based in the USA but she happily delivers all over the world. She is really nice and helpful and she answers your queries normally within hours.

So, have I convinced you, shall we do a cumulative order?
For some tropical wallpaper, see here or for some other don’t-go-unnoticed wallpaper by Hermes, see here.


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Autumn near Rome

Yesterday we went for a walk in a place that filled my heart with beauty, the Caldara Valley in Manziana, 50 minutes driving from Rome.

Living in Italy is difficult sometimes: the country is going a long painful economical crisis, hundreds of refugees reach our costs everyday or many of them loose their lives in our seas while Europe is finding excuses to not help; last but not least we have had three strong earthquakes in the last two months and this morning, during the last episode, Alex, Giulio and I sheltered under a table, so powerful was the shake.

Thankfully the beauty of the country makes it up for all things that are mining Italy.

I love autumn colors when framed with a crystal blue sky like in the photos I took yesterday, a view to stunning to not share with you.

P.S: If you decide to visit the Caldara Valley, head to Campagnano di Roma for lunch at Iotto, a small amazing restaurant that will leave you with a smile on your face.






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Christmas gift ideas

Every year I make a list of advice to inspire you and help you buying Christmas presents, not an easy task for most people (see the 2014 Christmas presents post here and the 2013 one here or the category presents).  
This year I propose you  presents for different kind of people.

For the warm hearted

from Ohhio

For the gentleman: 

from Men’s Society

For photography lovers: 

from Colors magazine

For the plants lovers:

from Boskke

For who has just moved into a new house: 

from EverMade

For who has lost it: 

 And for who wants to lose it:

from Haeckels

For the extravagant: 

For the sweet tooth: 

from Ikea


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Ikea Sinnerling Collection

Often big brands ask  guest designers to create a collection. 
It is a really good way of introducing a fresh style to a brand and at the same time allows the brand to fly on the coattails of a famous person. 
Ikea asked Ilse Crawford to design 30 products that are going to be released under the name Sinnerlig collection in the USA in August and in Europe in autumn.
Ilse Crawford and her London based studio do residential, office, retail, hospitality spaces with a style that Remodelista rightly defined as ‘warm minimalist’. 
Her interiors are elegant and comfortable, spaces that are easy to live in, where the human being and their needs are at the centre, even if at times they can look a bit bare.
In an interview for Marcus Fairs of Dezeen, she explained how her Danish and Scandinavian upbringing influenced her approach to interiors : “If you look at the way designers approach buildings, I would say that the majority do it from a conceptual perspective but the Scandinavians start from the point of view of where the door will be, how you experience the space.”

The fact that Ikea asked her to design a collection shows once more that they work well at Ikea.  Her very sleek collection made of natural materials and linear shapes brings elegance  to Ikea.
As usual it is always advisable to check the products in shop (you can even do it at Expo 2015 in Milan) but I already like the idea of using cork as a table top, the light that the outdoor lights emanate and the general natural feeling of the collection. I am just disappointed that they didn’t release the collection before the summer. 
Out of curiosity, does anyone knows what Sinnerlig means? 

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Kids’ play tents

I really want to get Giulio and his friend Livia a play tent where they can both hide and escape from their parents. There are some really cool ones out there to buy and it isn’t  difficult to make one with scraps of fabrics. 
The tent by Such Great Heights (top left) can be transformed into a clothes rack, an original idea. I like the structure of fairy pink by Haba Caro (top right) and if your child is obsessed with pink you can also go for the Hello Kitty one, a classic.
The camper van shaped tent by Land of Nod is perfect for boys and girls and the circus inspired house below by Pink Olive is more suitable for the dreamers out there.  
If you feel creative you can attempt to make one yourself following the clear instructions (below) that Drea  has kindly shared on her colorful blog.

If you want to get an imaginative tent for the entire family, don’t forget the wicked tents from one of my first posts

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Inspired by India: my pictures

While looking through my pictures, I found the photos I took in India in 2009. Their quality is quite bad but still they are really inspiring and the memory of a wonderful, even if sometimes difficult, journey. Alex and I flew to New Delhi and travelled for a month with local transport all around Rajastan, up to Amristar and then up to Rischikesh and McLeod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama lives in exile. Daily budget for two people, 30 euros all inclusive.
P.S: I am in the first and the last photo. 
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Lace fence

This post could be the first of a series called “The ordinary becomes extraordinary” because it presents an idea that has transformed something functional and very common into a decorative element. The Dutch based company Lace Fence developed an industrial produced fence that looks like lace and has a number of uses including balconies, building facades,  bridge and stair­case railings, room divi­ders, drive­way fen­cing, just to name a few. It is no surprise that they have been awarded many times for their architectural fabric.
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Wicker + metal garden chairs

Summer has arrived almost everywhere in Europe. Last Friday I organized, like every year, a birthday party at my friends’ house, on their lovely panoramic terrace. They have a dark grey outdoor sofa and armchairs made of hand woven plastic rattan that look very good. There are now some gorgeous garden chairs with wicker seats and metal structure on the market, a nice concept: the combination of the solidity of a contemporary hard material and the craftsmanship of a natural material plus, now, some cool bright colours. 
Have a look at my selection of wicker lamps, here.
 From top clockwise:
Raphia by Lucidipevere for Casamania
Too deep by Corradi
Hogsten by Ikea
Roxy by Vincent Sheppard