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Kids furniture that adults will envy

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you are well. I am very well, I have a lot of things on these days. I am about to start a new project, the renovation of a 140 square metre apartment thankfully at a walkable distance from my house and I have so many exciting ideas. I hope I will be able to put them into practice.

My new website is almost ready, I will be launching it soon together with a video presenting my interior design shopping experience.

As I said I’m full of ideas and things I want to do that sometimes I think I should open a studio that follows various projects with the help of many different people working alongside me.

In my studio I would definitely have the Bambi Chair and the Marshmallow Chair from Kinder Modern (an online shop selling some incredible kids design furniture) even if I am too big to sit on them.

Below is a selection of cute products that you can find in Kinder Modern designed by various designers.

The rugs are really interesting and perfect for people who love color, not just kids.

Of course the prices are far from retailers like Ikea but we are speaking about pieces of design that you will want to display even when you sons and daughters leave the house for college.

The more inspiration, check the colourful prints by Castle or the clever furniture by Rafa Kids.

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+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, marshmallow stool, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
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Add some fun with a cactus

Cactus has always been perceived as a fun plant. It must be their shape (and I am not going into that) or the fact that they so resilient and primitive looking or just because of their peculiar name.

As a matter of fact,  I have noticed that only fun people decide to decorate with cactus shaped objects or textiles represented cacti.

So if you also want to join the clan and you are looking for some inspiration, here is a selection of ideas to make your life a bit more…pricky!

If you like the tropical trend in general, check out my post with some advice or discover some amazing wallpapers here.

A 170 cm high cactus by Gufram.

White porceilan set of cactai from I Love Retro.

Cactus juicer from Red Candy

Cuilko textile by Pierre Frey

Serving dish by Hallmark.

Cactai candles from Not On The High Street


A colourful pencil holder from Red Candy

Cactus framed art by Houzz.










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Les coléopterès


It is incredible how situations, things, people and intentions intertwine and intersect.

One Saturday morning in September, I found myself at the Gatsby Cafè drinking a coffee with a perfect stranger, plucked from the internet. I had seen his creations on Instagram and I wanted to write a post about Les Coléopterès, the beautiful bugs made in ceramic that he designs.

When I got up to leave, I had the impression that I had found a new friend and an interesting and engaging interlocutor (a rare commodity nowadays). This is the beauty of the net, the possibility to build a net of people, virtual or not, who share your interests.

Maurizio Minerva is a gentleman with sweet eyes who lives between Rome and Tel Aviv and works as a free-lance art-director and graphic designer, after years spent in a big communication agency.

With the intention of putting his bubbly creativity at use in different forms, he studied ceramics in Paris with the idea of developing a collection of hand-painted beetles in limited edition.

Les Coléopterès arrive in pinewood frames measuring 19 x 26 x 5 cm, wrapped accurately in beautiful paper and identified by the cool logo obviously designed by Maurizio. A perfect present, I would add. Take note, friends!





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About Chilly’s bottles and about blogging

The best thing about having a blog is that people write to you to present their products, their art-facts or simply to signal cool stuff. That is exactly what happened a few days ago when my stylish cousin Piero sent me a message with the link to Chilly’s bottles, saying that it might be good material for my blog and here I am, presenting these beautiful objects!

In the last few years, quite a few people have asked me information about writing a blog.

I believe it is difficult for a lot of people to understand just how much work is involved in keeping a blog until you do it. First of all you need to have something to present and something to say, you need interesting content.

Sometimes you struggle to find a variety of subjects to write about and sometimes you find a couple of great ideas in one day.

Then you need to source the photos or take the photos yourself. Often the images need to be post-produced a bit or at least cut. Of course you always have to acknowledge the author of the photos or at the least the source because sharing is caring if it is done in a fair way.

The next step is the text. I write in English and Italian which is a bit tricky because I have to be careful to not lazily translate from English to Italian or vice-versa but try to deliver what I want to say in the best possible way in both languages.

The quality of my writing depends on when I write a post as well, on how tired I am or how much time I have.

I get work through my blogging but I work as well for a production studio and as a freelance interior designer and personal shopper (even if all these things are really entangled).

When you have finished with the content, you need to put in all the key words otherwise nobody will find your post.

When the post is published, you enter the social media world and honestly it feels you need a full time staff just to do that properly.

Being significantly present on the social media requires a lot of time that often I don’t have so I do what I can.

So, in brief, blogging is time consuming. So before starting a blog, make yourself sure you really want to do it otherwise you will be discontinuous.

From this analysis, it is also clear it is easier to have a successful blog, when you have money to invest in the project and people working for you.  Still if your content is not captivating, you will never get there.

Me, I love doing it and I wish I had more time and funds to invest in it but so far I can say I have had a lot of satisfaction blogging, I have learnt a lot and I am proud of what I have done.

Obviously it has taken hundreds of hours and tons of determination but that is for everything I suppose.


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Kids are not perfect thankfully

I was thinking yesterday that kids grow up in such a competitive world nowadays, it is scary. To be honest they probably don’t understand it just yet, if it wasn’t for us parents, who put so much pressure on them to be perfect without realising the consequences of it. We have all the best intentions, we want our kids to be happy and successful so we try to bring them up as complete as possible according to the modern standard of this competitive society. Since an early age, they have to learn to socialise, to swim, to play an instrument, sometimes to learn a language, to be cool, to be confident and competitive, independent and intelligent, sweet but strong, creative and studious. Even if we would never admit it, we want them to be perfect and perfectly ‘sellable’ in this big market that is today’s society.

Last Saturday I went with Giulio to his friend’s party and Giulio, as he sometimes does, spent the first 20 minutes playing by himself. I had at least 3 adults asking me what was wrong with him. I like to think of myself as a logical person but I started to ponder if Giulio might have a problem.

But is it not normal, when you go to a party where you don’t know anyone, to keep to yourself for a little while? Giulio wasn’t sad, or upset, or anyhow troubled or intimidated, he was just playing by himself. He wasn’t doing what we think a successful kid should do, as simple as that.

It wasn’t him with a problem, it was me and the other adults who had asked what was wrong with him.

We love them because they are spontaneous and at the same time we do everything we can to fit them into a structure.

Kids are not perfect and if we want to raise them happy, confident and able to deal with life’s sudden twist and turns, emotions, pain and competition, we need to learn to let them live at their own pace, without trying to increase their level of perfection all the time.

Maiko Nagao seems to have figured out what makes her happy, scribbling away and creating beautiful prints that she now sells through her online shop that delivers worldwide.

To get you into the right mood to discover Maiko Nagao‘s beautiful handwritten world, I have published some of the free printables she has kindly shared on her blog; also check out her shop for the pretty baby gift boxes, funky wall art or cards or for personal customized work contact her directly.

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao


Free print by Maiko Nagao


Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Available at Maiko Nagao

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FactoLab concrete world

Christmas is around the corner again, it is incredible how time flies. It is time to be merry, I know but I need to get something off my chest first.

As a mother of a five year old I am surrounded by parents and I can’t help noticing that sometimes as parents we say things to our children without thinking very much.

We should. We should reflect more accurately on what we say to these little sponges since we have a duty to educate them.

For instance, something I can’t stand in this period of the year is when parents tell their kids that they have to behave well if they want Father Christmas to bring them some presents.

What kind of message is behind this?

Have all the poor children whose parents can afford to buy toys behaved badly then? Are the rich and spoiled kids  better behaved kids?  Syrian children don’t receive anything because they don’t deserve anything according to this distorted logic. Is this the message we want to pass onto them, even if indirectly, to our children?

I know parents are sometimes under pressure and we all use blackmail with them but in a world where some people have too much and most people not enough, we should weigh our words a bit more carefully if we want to bring up aware and fair  individuals.

I’ve got it off of my chest. We can now speak about the festive holidays and in particular about presents.

This year I am going to buy most of my Christmas presents from Etsy and I will definitely get some of these elegant concrete pots from FactoLab.

Each piece is handmade in Italy and therefore unique with the little imperfections of the materia adding charm to their geometric grey shapes. Reasonabily priced, FactoLab planters, lights, candle holders, pots are the perfect presents for almost everyone.

If they behave well, of course…..

deco_factolabdeco_facto_marble_2 deco_facto_formadeco_facto_esadeco_facto_ore_set3_2 deco_facto_ore_set3_3deco_facto_forma_teacandle-holder_1

facto_geometrica_1deco_facto_cubus_nude_1deco_facto_cubus_nude_2deco_facto_abecedarium_1 deco_facto_diamond deco_facto_ore_3