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+deco at the Salone del Mobile

It is almost that time of the year, on Tuesday the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile is going to start.

As usual, I am going to wear my press badge, go, live it and write about it. This year, I am not going to stay for long, only two full, crazy days, but as usual I am going to walk for about 100 kilometres around the fair and the FuoriSalone.

Every year, I secretly look for something different, what is original, interesting people, new ways to use colors, fresh trends etc. This year I am going to look for the next timeless pieces.

If you don’t do it already follow my Facebook page or Instagram page for real-time photos of the Salone del Mobile and FuoriSalone and keep reading +deco to read my thoughts on the most famous interior design event in Europe.

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Cool people at the Milan furniture fair

When I went to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, two weeks ago, I took some pictures of cool people visiting the fair.

I had so much fun even if the images are not great because my iPhone has decided to start performing badly after the update-

These people bring a smile to my face, they are walking examples of how beauty comes in different, original, unique forms.

I want to thank all the people who posed for me, the people whose photos I didn’t post and also the people who didn’t want to be photographed (one) and I apologize for being late in publishing; as usual, spring is a very busy period for me at work.


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Original inspiration from the Milan furniture fair

I am back from Milan where I spent a few days trying to spot some original ideas at the 56th Salone del Mobile.

I don’t want to show you images of trends that you already know about, like golden and copper hardware or the plant mania, I would like to propose to you some ideas you probably haven’t considered yet.

I walked around searching for something new or at least unseen on blogs and magazines, not an easy task; below is an inspiring selection of ideas.


Photographic panels lit from behind represent a sort of window on to a panorama or fantastic view.

They give depth to the room and they create an open horizon, giving the wall a new life.

In order to achieve a similar result you need a very high definition image (I advise you to pick a panorama, definitely nothing personal like a family photo), and a professional company specialised in making these sort of things. The led lighting behind is the fruit of expertise not something you can try to do yourself.

This look is also perfect for hotels and offices.


Plants are the must have accessory this year. They are everywhere, real or drawn on textiles or wallpaper.

I saw some plastic decorations shaped like cacti and I love them. The pop version of plants. Ok, not really ecological but definitely forever, even inside and in dark corners!



Why not incorporate speakers into our pieces of furniture?

The two cabinets by Miniforms wink at the past with a big speaker that reminds me of a gramophone but in very contemporary colors and finishings.

Below is a photo of myself posing (it is quite obvious I suppose) on a red armchair with incorporated speakers for a intimate, relaxing, dolby surround experience.


We have already said that natural materials are back and brown leather is one of them, very present in fashion and in interiors these days.

For a different look take inspiration from the insertions of brown leather like in the photos below.

A cushion, the edge of a throw or the padding of a chair will give your furniture a luxury look without going for an all-out “Out of Africa” look.


More than once whilst walking around the Salone del Mobile, I thought of Stanley Kubrick. The Seventies are back with their colors, their atmosphere and their shapes.

Armchairs and sofas have lost their sharpness and corners have became curves. Rounded armchairs and sofas are particularly good when not close to walls or when in the middle of a room instead of traditional blocks of furniture.



Using one color or a maximum of two for everything in the room is the new chic. If the color is bright or unusual like in the photo below even better.

It is not easy to find lights that are the same color as the rest of the furniture but if you can you can be sure it will have a wow factor. Some shining details like golden handles will avoid the room looking like a massive bucket of paint fell on it.


Thinking outside of the box is a good way to create something original.

It looks like the designers cut the cabinets into pieces and then reassembled them after too many glasses of wine but the result is refreshing. They have managed to create pieces of furniture that give character to a room, are quirky and beautifully made.

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+deco business cards ready for Milan!

It is that time of year again, the Salone del Mobile has opened and from tomorrow I will be in Milan, ready to spot the news in the world of design and furniture!

The mission this year will be finding what is really original at the Salone del Mobile, not an easy task in this year sharing era!

I will post some images in the next few days. Do not miss the future posts!

Below there are some photos of +deco business cards, painted by me with splashes of colors (black, pink, forest green and red).

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I ♥ Rossana Orlandi

The title of the post says it all. The Rossana Orlandi gallery is one of the most vibrant places in Milan and a must visit during the Salone del Mobile. The fact that the gallery is the house and showroom for young designers from all over the world makes this beautiful space one of the fresher venues in the city.

Rossana Orlandi herself is a concentration of style.



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ISaloni 2015: lights – part I

Alessandro Spada
I got back yesterday from ISaloni or the Salone del Mobile in Milan and this is a selection of  lights that caught my attention. 
Follow me on Instagram and keep tuned if you want to see more photos. 
Sono tornata ieri da ISaloni o dal Salone del Mobile a Milano e questa è una selezione delle luci che hanno catturato la mia attenzione. Seguitemi su Instagram o state sintonizzati se volete vedere le altre foto.
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The Salone del Mobile and the concept of originality

Stacked Light by Sander Wassink and Na’yan Pesach
I went to the Salone del Mobile in Milan this week. I had a lot of fun and I had some much needed time to myself but I find these events are not as inspiring as they used to be. The internet has somehow shortened the life span of originality. The first times I went to London or Paris in my late teens and early twenties, things were different and trends didn’t spread so quickly. We used to come back with ideas, people used to dress differently and places like bars and clubs used to look diverse in other countries. And I am not speaking about centuries ago. Now you will see the same shop windows in the centre of Madrid, Rome, London or Moscow, people wear the same clothes and follow the same fashions, places all look the same, belle epoque vintage and white tiles. Also fairs are not an exclusive window displaying what is new anymore but simply a series of new objects under the same roof that you will see on the internet in a matter of seconds. What is truly original now and how can you truly be unique? Maybe the concept itself is outdated, globalization has broken down many barriers but it has also made us all a bit the same, more similar than ever. What do you think? What do you find original?