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Child Studio for Cubitts

I ended my last post about the Child Studio 3D project Casa Plenaire saying, “I can’t wait to see their next project!” and here we are!

This time the British creative duo (Che Huang and Alexy Kos) moved to Brighton to design the new Cubitts store. They took their inspiration from Martin Parr’s photography series The Last Resort featuring images of beach life. The British photographer succeeded in capturing the eccentricity of human ordinary existence with unusual chromatic combinations.

Studio Child designed the spectacles store around two colours, a cerulean blue and a very pale yellow for a modernist look. The result is fresh and contemporary.

Have a look as well at the cool Humble Cafe’ in London designed by Studio Child, a triumph of pink and formica!

Photographs courtesy Child Studio.

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Green, pink and gold: Felix Soho

Who wouldn’t want to have a coffee at the Felix Roasting Co.?

After the great success of the Felix Roasting Co. in Midtown in New York and thousands of Instagram shares of its photos, Ken Fulk, designer, creative director and partner of the project and proprietor Matthew Moinian opened last August another hot shop in Soho, London, Felix Soho.

Like the American sibling, the interiors are lush and eye-catching. The dominant colours -a rich blue-green, a soft pink and sparkling gold- bring together different materials and patterns.

(Photographs courtesy Felix Roasting Co.)

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DKUK Studio

Some of my best friends from the U.K. live in Peckham, south London. Our friendship flourished in Brixton and Clapham and over 10 years later we still meet: either in south Rome or in south London.

Peckham has changed massively since I was living in the British capital, it seems only in London can areas change so radically so fast. Peckham is now a place full of cool bars and shops, populated by a lot of people wearing vintage clothes and long beards.

My friends own a very buzzing pub there called The Montpelier; if you are in the area don’t miss it for a real pint (or two) and top nosh as well.

A good example of the new Peckham life is the art-exhibiting hairdresser DKUK Salon with its new concept and funky interior by the  Sam Jacob StudioDKUK Salon was opened in 2014 by Daniel Kelly, an artist and hair-dresser who had the idea of hanging artwork in his salon instead of mirrors so that customers could really (and calmly) appreciate them instead of staring at their own image. I think this is conceptually a wonderfully presented idea (even if I have to admit I would not feel in control of my hair). This very small shop that catches the attention with walls covered in white slates and 1980’s inspired yellow graphic details.

Images are from Jim Stephenson.


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Mercurio & C vintage shop

When I walked in the vintage shop Mercurio & C in Palermo (found like the majolica tile collection almost by chance), I couldn’t believe it.

I felt like a little girl in a candy shop. Mercurio is stuffed with the best vintage clothes and accessories I have ever seen and the choice is spectacular.

I can easily say that blogging saved my bank account because I managed to not fall into the temptation of buying dozens of pieces by hiding behind the camera and concentrating on taking the pictures that you can see below (not an easy task, I should wander around with a tripod).

Mercurio is a former jewellery shop open since the beginning of 1900, in Via Vittorio Emanuele in the centre of Palermo.

It still stores the original furniture and the original safes where jewellery were kept. Such a fascinating place is the perfect house for such a sophisticated vintage collection and when you walk around you feel that everything in Mercurio -the walls, the furniture, the bags, the clothes- has a story to tell.

In the two upstairs rooms, you feel like in a private showroom. I would love to take here my British girlfriends and spend the afternoon shopping and sipping champagne from a 1920 crystal glass. It is definitely my idea of fun.

(By the way, what is the number of the fabulous clogs in the photo below?)

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo


mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

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10 Corso Como

Happy New Year everyone!
I got back from Milan yesterday, a vibrant city I really like. At least once a year I pay a visit to 10 Corso Como, still one of the most interesting places in town.  
10 Corso Como was founded in 1990 by Carla Sozzani (better known as the director of Vogue Italia). Initially it included only an art gallery and a bookshop but now it has a fashion and design shop, a bar, a small hotel and a roof garden. The logo was designed by the American artist Kris Ruhs
Here are some photos for you!
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Possessed N.1 in London

IMG_7636 IMG_7582
A few days ago Tina Bernstein, a talented polyglot interior designer, posted on her blog Colourliving a few photos of Possessed N.1. a shop near the Islington Farmers’ Market in London. This place caught my attention not only because it is full of quirky vintage treasures but also because the boundaries between the house and the shop are not clear. The owner,  Tania Rowling, an artist, decided to open Possessed N.1 a few years ago with her sister Cindy, attracted by the idea of having a space where the objects and clothes collected in a lifetime could be displayed and put on sale. The idea itself is not original but what it is truly fascinating is the fact that the kitchen is downstairs and is part of the shop. As she says : “Having worked in restaurants for years I have a big network of chefs and catering friends to draw on, Moro taught me to arrange and organize private functions and Sam & Sam Clark and other chefs from Moro are going to come and cook here, so that’s really exciting” (read the entire interview here). What Tania Rowling proposes is a total mix of experiences: in the same space you can shop, socialize, listen to music, spying on her life, be inspired by the past, try on clothes or accessories, cook, eat and drink surrounded by fascinating objects. 
(Photos courtesy of Colourliving).
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How did I miss this : Penhaligon’s, Regent Street, London

How the hell did I miss Penhaligon‘s new shop in Regent Street the last time I was in London? Unforgivable. The new store designed by Christopher Jenner is eccentric and super glamorous. The space presents a real mix of materials (basically all of them: wood, tiles, textiles, leather, golden details, mirror etc) and styles assembled in an amazing way. The main colours are purple, fuchsia, white and lime. Penhaligon‘s new boutique succeeds in doing the impossible:it is over the top but elegant, it is exotic but very Edwardian, it is old fashion but it is modern.  
Images courtesy of Christopher Jenner.
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A creative way to recycle milk bottles

I was wandering around Brick Lane in London when I saw a little shop with the ceiling and the strip lights covered with dozens of milk bottles. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and I forgot to get a business card so I can’t quote the name of it (unless someone can suggest it to me!) but I wanted to praise them for the creative idea. 
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Hobbs Barbers Shop, London

I have just spent a few snowy days in London seeking inspiration, working (not much really) and wandering around with my beloved friends.
Speaking about creative ways to hang pictures (see my previous post), I find the wall of this little quirky barber shop by Borough Market in London very clever. What makes it  captivating is the overall arrangement and the colours of the walls, not the objects themselves. The red paneling, the purple frame and the touches of gold and yellow really enhance the objects displayed ;  the same wall in cream would be so much more insignificant.