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Furniture made from husks of corn

Some product designers just aim to make beautiful objects, some put their effort into making something beautiful and environmentally friendly, or even something that will help preserve the biodiversity.

Fernando Laposse, a Mexican product designer recently voted Eco Designer to Watch by the British magazine Homes&Garden, is a part of the second group.

He has invented a veneer for furniture and interiors made from the husks of Mexican corn. His collection, Totomoxtle, showcases objects and furniture padded with this colourful veneer.

As you can read on Fernando Laposse website “this project goes far beyond simply aesthetics. Totomoxtle focuses on regenerating traditional agricultural practices in Mexico, and creating a new craft that generates income for impoverished farmers and promotes the preservation of biodiversity for future food security.

Unfortunately, the number of native varieties of Mexican corn are currently in sharp decline. International trade agreements, aggressive use of herbicides and pesticides, and the influx of highly modified foreign seeds have decimated the practice of growing native corn across the country: It simply isn’t very profitable anymore. The market now favours  standardised features which can only be obtained with genetically modified and hybrid corn. Additionally, the majority of the corn harvested worldwide is used to feed cattle or transformed into secondary products that range from sweeteners for processed foods to bioplastics, therefore nutritional quality is not a priority. “

I think it is important to highlight this new generation of environmentally aware designers, who invent new uses for waste and recyclable materials.

I love warm hues of Totomoxtle veneer and its tactile feeling.
Fernando Laposse is definitely one to watch.

(Photograps from Fernando Laposse website)

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New sounds for interiors

I will start by saying that this a very sound post…:) sorry I could’t resist.

There are some activities we do on a daily basis that request technological objects. The performance and the appearance of these objects improve day by day, thanks to the rapid developments in technology.

We have already spoken about a machine we use very often and we see in most houses (sometimes more than one), the television. It is actually a very difficult object to position in the house and the hardest fit in well (it doesn’t matter how much technology progresses, televisions always mean a big flat dark screen).

Others, like the hoover or the washing machine,  you can hide but the objects I am showing you in this post, you will want to show off.

So I’m going to show you some of the coolest speakers around that you will want to put in the focal point of your living room.

  • Qu’est-ce Que C’est Boombox by ALAMAK!PROJECT

These speakers, encapsulated on a golden frame made in the shape of a 1990’s stereo, inspired this post.

They are designed by Yuri Suziki for Alamak!Project and they were presented last October in Berlin.


  • Serpentine by OSLOFORM

If you like something a bit more classic, you can opt for Serpentine by Osloform, stereo and amplifiers from Bang & Olufsen coming in the 230V or 115V version, in grey or in a beautiful retrò green.

The price for the three pieces is around 3.200 euros.


  • Blossom 360 for LEXON

This speaker designed by Bepop and produced by Lexon,  is available in 5 different colours.

It spreads the sound all around and the top part, the speaker, can be pushed into the main body for better portability and protection.


  • Making Weather by CREALEV TECHNOLOGY

This Richard Clarkson effort is a real step forward from Smart Cloud, a lamp/speaker in the shape of a cloud.

Making Weather is a floating cloud that produces music and produces flashes of light within the cloud, a bit like a lightening storm to the rhythm of the music. The price is not out yet but it will surely cost more than Smart Cloud that is on the market for 3.360 euros.

Don’t miss the video, to get a better idea of this mental, supercool object.