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A pick on Dedar 2021 textiles

Today we are going to have a pick at Dedar 2021 textile collections. I have selected the ones I like best and the ones that I think you would find more interesting but don’t forget that Dedar has a full range of plain colours fabrics of any kind and for any use. In fact I would say that Dedar strength is plain colours, geometrics, abstract, essential sophisticated fabrics.

Which one is your favourite? My favourite are Ukiyo Mongatori collection but also Oolong and Eneide.

Ukiyo Mongatari collection
Oolong collection
Nimbus collection
Tabularasa collection
Scarabeo collection
Viridiana collection
Vuk collection
Eneide collection
Magnolia collection

(Andrea Ferrari Studio photography)

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The spirit of macramè

Behind these beautiful macramè creations, there is a young woman called Carla Rak with a lot to say and a very promising brand Aprile Textiles, just launched.

We have interviewed her to find out a bit more about her story, her inspiration and her designs.

You have years of experience as a photo-editor.  How did you switch from working with images to designing?

For years my main job was photography. I worked as a Photo-Editor for Contrasto while I was studying for my degree in Sociology and my PHD in Communication and carrying on my visual research; I have received awards from the Italian Institute of Philosophy and the Benetton Foundation. Since 2011 I have taught Editing and photojournalism at the ISFCI of Rome.

After I finished my studies, I left the agency and I have followed a more artistic path, exploring themes that are important to me and using various techniques and instruments that I have chosen and learnt according to the content that I wanted to express.

In my work I mainly use photographs, collage, texts and textiles. A few months ago, my book “Eyes as Oars” was published in where I experiment with archive images.

My involvement with textiles started when I taught myself embroidery and crochet: I have never considered these two techniques as instruments for making useful things like jumpers or similar things. In fact, I have always used them to express concepts and states of mind.

For instance, I made some textiles masks, a huge crochet hand that was shown in Milan in 2015, some textiles collages, embroidered or filet crochet objects; they are all an expression of my vision.

I have taught myself macramé at the beginning of 2019 and soon after I launched Aprile Textiles.

I like techniques that allow me to create an almost infinite number of different possibilities. A needle, a hook or, like for the macramé, just my hands. Compared to some of the others, this is an easy and quick to learn technique; the challenge though is finding a coherent and versatile language.

The home is an important place to me, a symbolic space where you can surround yourself with intimate and durable objects rather than industrially made and short-term things. Macramé tapestry has a simplicity to it, but it can make a statement and become the main feature of the room. Above all, thanks to the complexity of its knots and the pattern of the cords, they can make a space more intimate straight away.  

Your creations revisit the macramé technique, which is part of the Mediterranean tradition, in a very elegant and contemporary key. Where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?

When I work with images, for instance when I make collages, I realize that I move day by day towards the abstract and towards a geometric purity. Macramè can be a very decorative technique and it can be used to create complex and lavish patterns. My goal is to respect this fact but also to create more linear, more minimal and cold designs. Find a balance. It is a never-ending experimentation: I often use different cords for different projects and I have to get to know each cord, each cord reacts differently when knotted and often this means that the project can take a new route  and develop into something different during the creative process.

Each job is the result of a clash between what you had in mind and the technique that you are using. In other countries Macramè is really trendy, especially for fans of boho look which is far from my aesthetics. My references are geometry and a harmonic coexistence between shapes. I get a lot of inspiration from my city (Rome), there are so many historic gates, balconies, palaces entryways, public pavements that were decorated for the sake of making something beautiful.

Today it isn’t considered necessary and it is not budgeted for, but I believe we need beauty around us. I have a inspirational sketchbook that includes photographs of patterns and features I see on the streets.

The Aprile tapestries are handmade and their shapes and knot designs can be totally customized; they are perfect for decorating a space in many different ways. How are they mainly used by your clients?

Up to now they have mainly been used as wall tapestries. Macramè though is a very versatile technique and it can be used to make seats, lampshades, room dividers, rugs and much more. In these cases, a certain level of customization is required to meet the clients needs.

Your creations are mainly black and white. Have you ever thought about using another colour or more colours?

In the last piece I made I introduced a hint of colour. We will see. I would like to experiment in so many different ways that I would need numerous lifetimes to do it all. I am planning to make other designs with different techniques as well, as a part of Aprile. These new projects (at least in my head) have plenty of color.

(Photo courtesy Aprile)

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Ikea 2019 summer collection

The month of February is going to be coloured by Ikea 2019 summer collection and it is going to put us in the mood for some good weather!

The collection is designed by Lotta Kühlhorn, Malin Unnborn and by designer group Papperian, a studio started in 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.

The colors and some patterns remind me of Marimekko first textiles.

The collection is joyful and perfect to decorate a sea holiday house.

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Add some fun with a cactus

Cactus has always been perceived as a fun plant. It must be their shape (and I am not going into that) or the fact that they so resilient and primitive looking or just because of their peculiar name.

As a matter of fact,  I have noticed that only fun people decide to decorate with cactus shaped objects or textiles represented cacti.

So if you also want to join the clan and you are looking for some inspiration, here is a selection of ideas to make your life a bit more…pricky!

If you like the tropical trend in general, check out my post with some advice or discover some amazing wallpapers here.

A 170 cm high cactus by Gufram.

White porceilan set of cactai from I Love Retro.

Cactus juicer from Red Candy

Cuilko textile by Pierre Frey

Serving dish by Hallmark.

Cactai candles from Not On The High Street


A colourful pencil holder from Red Candy

Cactus framed art by Houzz.










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The best fabric shop in Rome!

This is the place where I get textiles from, photographed by the talented Elio Rosato.

The atelier, Le Proposte d’Interni, occupies two large rooms of a stunning Roman building built in 1542.

Sandro and Giovanni, cousins with a long family tradition in dealing with textiles for interiors, scraped away the layers of paint applied over the last 50 years to find the original faded light green color.

In one room, you can still see the old bookcases where documents were kept, now used to store some of the wonderful fabrics.

Interior fabrics have always been my passion and I like to come here, I could actually spend hours here (sometimes I do, to be honest !)



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Rusty shades, earthy reds and melanchonic pinks

Violet is the 2018 Pantone color but we like rusty shades, earthy reds and melancholic pinks this year. To be honest, we are a bit bored of the fuss about Pantone‘s favourite colors.

Here is a selection of beautiful spaces dominated by colors that are between terracotta, bordeaux and red.

As you know I am looking for a new house, if I find it tomorrow I will definitely use one of these hues.

Images from Pinterest



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Kids just like to have fun (and Castle)

Raising kids is fun. They are so open, unfiltered, imaginative, cute, sometimes nerve-wrackingly selfish and loveable at the same time.  You don’t have to have kids to experience all this (I hate it when people make comments like that). You can make friends with your siblings or your friends’ kids. I really advise you to find some time to spend with some children because they are wicked. Almost all of them!  Just let them be themselves (if you want to hear more about this, read my post “Kids are not perfect thankfully” and see Maiko Nagao‘s beautiful handwritten world)

The Australian brand Castle is perfect for kids because they embrace their inner child, at Castle they love having fun. Their website says “We love color and whimsy. We love making accessible art and beautiful bedlinen. We love spots and fluo and pink and yellow and orange and grey and love hearts and flowers and paint and felt and everything that POPS around in our studio”. Who can deny that? Check the bananas and the letters bedlinen for instance. So much fun!

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360 shades of….Linara

Looking for a big selection of colors? You are in luck, Romo has recently increased the assortment of shades in its very popular collection Linara and now you can pick between 360 hues (no kidding, almost one for every day of the year!).

This fabric is a blend of cotton (63%) and linen (37%) and it presents the consistency of the linen but it has all the washability of the cotton.

Even if I totally respect Romo as a brand and I do recognize the value of their textiles, I haven’t used any of their products because they are not mystyle but be reassured I will start using Linara soon thanks to  its unique choice of colors.

The height of this textile is 140 cm, an average height for a cotton or linen, and the price is affordable (I don’t like to give prices when there is not recommended price but lets say that it is approximately under 30 pounds and under 50 euros).

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Velvet sofas

It is incredible how things come back in fashion but with a different twist. Twenty, thirty years ago, sofas upholstered in velvet were very common but the colors chosen were mainly beige, brown-yellow and some shades of blue. My mum has just re-upholstered with a white fabric her grandmother’s sofas and armchairs, previously covered with the original blue/green silky velvet (I will never forgive her for that).

Velvet is back in fashion but the tones have changed. The new velvet sofas are pink, bright yellow, dark green, purple; they aim to stand out and not to disappear and they infuse color in the space.

Velvet is not a fabric, it is a weave. The most common type of velvet is made by cotton threads but it can also be made by silk threads, or a mix of them or be made by artificial fibers. It is generally a very soft covering, not too hot and quite durable. It can be dry-cleaned (only if specified so on the label though) or, for a quick fix, it can be swiped clean with a moisten cloth (the sooner you do it the better).

Silk velvet is shinier of the others and more expensive. It was largely used in furnishing antique palaces for its precious look.

My favorite colors amongst the sofas that I selected for you below are pale pink with a wooden frame ,bottle- green with a concrete floor  (first and second photo from the top) and a red brick on a classical sofa (third photo from the bottom).

And you which ones do you like best?


deco_velvet-sofa_11 deco_velvet-sofa_10deco_velvet_sofas_12deco_velvet-sofa_9deco_velvet-sofa_7deco_velvet_sofas_7deco_velvet_sofas_10deco_velvet_sofas_14deco_velvet_sofas_16deco_velvet-sofa_1

(Images from Pinterest)

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Hermes jungle fever

I think I’ve caught the ‘Hermes jungle fever‘. 
One of my favourite recent designs is Jardin d’Osier by Hermes for Dedar (top image). 
I love its vibrant colors, the fact that it is exotic still quite abstract; I am sure it will become a classic in the interior world. 
At first I fell in love with the blue and green version, Jardin d’Osier M03 (below) but now I really like the other two variations. 
Jardin d’Osier is not the only interesting wallpaper and textile created by the Parisian maison.
Equatour (second image from top) and Tendresse Feline (third image from top) carry all the colonial charme that Hermes has always had. My favourite is, without shadow of a doubt- M03, in sepia. 
I also find the Zébrures textiles very attractive (the zebra design pictured here in red and black) in all the color versions. 

Sophie Pailleret has based the color palette for the living room in her Parisian flat on Hermes Jardin d’Osier and doing so she made the cover of the march issue Elle Decoration (photo by Christian Schaulin).