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70’s, the 2018 trend

This year as well I was asked by the super cool American online magazine The Lux Pad to write about the 2018 most prominent trend in my book.

I believe that the new year is going to bit about pattern; this is my contribution:

“2018 will see a new trend coming straight out of the 70s. We have already got used to decorating with tiles, bold patterns, unusual shades and vintage furniture, but this year we will go for even more pronounced graphics in ceramics, in a combination of colors that we considered dull – if not ugly – before like brown and orange or mint green and gray.

Vintage 70s inspired pottery will be proudly displayed and new versions of 70s designed tiles will make our floors much more interesting and eye-catching.” 

Click here, to read my 2017 forecast.

Tiles by Bisazza

Tiles by Bisazza

Ceramics by K+R

Wallpaper from Wallpaper from the 70’s


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My picks from Tiffany’s Everyday Objects

I have never desired to have breakfast at Tiffany‘s even if I always wanted to look like Audrey Hepburn (I suspect I am not the only one…) and I have always found the classic Tiffany’s green annoyingly a shade to light to be cool so when I learned that Tiffany had launched a new Home & Accessories collection my expectations weren’t particularly high when I checked it out.

I was actually surprised though to see a few pieces that I would like, shiny and well made enough to remind you that they are made by a jewellery brand and to realise that the Tiffany green looks good on porcelain.

These are my favourite bits so far with prices in euros and dollars:

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Cinder blocks DIY ideas

I have seen a cute coffee table made with cinder blocks in a bar a few days ago which has inspired me to collect some ideas about cinder blocks DIY furniture for you.

Cinder blocks come in standard sizes and they are often use in buildings because of their low cost. A block costs around 2 euros (these days 2 euros is roughly 2 pounds and 2 dollars, just to give you an idea).  The holes make the blocks lighter without compromising the mechanical strength. If you like the industrial look, cinder blocks can be used as legs for beds or tables and in many other creative ways, some of which are shown below. I like the idea of using them as planters.

Cinder blocks are already quite a statement so if you decide to use them, remember to keep the decoration of the surrounding simple and according to the style. For instance, concrete goes really well with aged wood.

For more inspiration about how to use concrete in your house, check all the posts related to the subject in my blog.

Image credit : Maiko Nagao

Image credit : Design Tripper

Image credit : Dwell

Image credit: FANCY!

Image credit : Little Miss Momma

Image credit : Wise DIY

Image credit : Home Edit

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FactoLab concrete world

Christmas is around the corner again, it is incredible how time flies. It is time to be merry, I know but I need to get something off my chest first.

As a mother of a five year old I am surrounded by parents and I can’t help noticing that sometimes as parents we say things to our children without thinking very much.

We should. We should reflect more accurately on what we say to these little sponges since we have a duty to educate them.

For instance, something I can’t stand in this period of the year is when parents tell their kids that they have to behave well if they want Father Christmas to bring them some presents.

What kind of message is behind this?

Have all the poor children whose parents can afford to buy toys behaved badly then? Are the rich and spoiled kids  better behaved kids?  Syrian children don’t receive anything because they don’t deserve anything according to this distorted logic. Is this the message we want to pass onto them, even if indirectly, to our children?

I know parents are sometimes under pressure and we all use blackmail with them but in a world where some people have too much and most people not enough, we should weigh our words a bit more carefully if we want to bring up aware and fair  individuals.

I’ve got it off of my chest. We can now speak about the festive holidays and in particular about presents.

This year I am going to buy most of my Christmas presents from Etsy and I will definitely get some of these elegant concrete pots from FactoLab.

Each piece is handmade in Italy and therefore unique with the little imperfections of the materia adding charm to their geometric grey shapes. Reasonabily priced, FactoLab planters, lights, candle holders, pots are the perfect presents for almost everyone.

If they behave well, of course…..

deco_factolabdeco_facto_marble_2 deco_facto_formadeco_facto_esadeco_facto_ore_set3_2 deco_facto_ore_set3_3deco_facto_forma_teacandle-holder_1

facto_geometrica_1deco_facto_cubus_nude_1deco_facto_cubus_nude_2deco_facto_abecedarium_1 deco_facto_diamond deco_facto_ore_3


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The familiar world of Vito Nesta

Tonight I really feel like starting my new book “The beautiful fall – Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris” by Alicia Drake. I am going to lay in bed, try to move as little as possible to stop sweating (it is 35 degrees here) and enter the magic world of  Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfield, the epitome of creativity, two elegant creatures who managed to be prolific for a lifetime because they fed their minds with art and culture, not just fashion.
Even if I don’t know him yet (by the way, I would love to meet you Vito, fancy a coffee next time I come to Milan?), I believe that Vito Nesta, the talent that designed the beautiful objects below, is a person who has something to say as well.
His creations speak about a world that is disappearing in Italy but it is still part of our families, even if it is not in practice it lives on in the memory; it is a world where things were done slowly and properly, where things were repaired and not replaced. Thimbles, reels, balls of yarn, combs, shaving brushes, buttons are all part of the magic world of Vito Nesta.
In his hands every day objects become evocative designs in trendy colors.
My favourite? The nut and the reel in white,  they went directly onto my wish list.
Which ones do you like best? Don’t forget to see all the other Vito Nesta’s creations in his website!
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Elkebana, the first wall trophy suitable for vegans

A few days ago, a friend I work with at Allucinazione, as soon as he saw me, showed me these beautiful wall vases designed by a friend of his, sure of my enthusiasm. He wasn’t wrong and in fact I decided to write about it.

These very simple but extremely decorative designs are called Elkebana“the first wall trophy suitable for vegans”. 

It is a simple concept but very effective. It is made by a hand crafted piece of wood that resembles the head of an antelope or reindeer, completed with two glass tubes on which to put branches or flowers (that recall the horns of an antelope or reindeer).

You can change decorations every day if you want, using what you have in the garden or creating new combinations of stems.

The Elkebana wall trophies are sold here and cost around 129 euros each.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers : #Plantshelfie 2

Igor and Judith have laid down the challenge again of producing a #plantshelfie for Urban Jungle Bloggers;  it is a theme that gives you a chance to experiment and the photos sent in last time were really exciting (see mine here). 
I am going to give my post a twist this time and unite a Urban Jungle post with a DIY post.
While I was playing with Giulio, I decided to make a pot for my plants with Lego and here it is, my easy to make colourful pot. 
I used a square thin base that often comes with Lego buildings so the plant doesn’t stand directly on the shelf in case it leaks a bit of water or soil.  Giulio hasn’t got that much Lego (most have been lost or accidentally sucked up by the vacuum) so I was a little limited with colours but if you have more pieces you can go for a more serious design, for instance using only white and black bricks. 
Moreover it is a nice little project you can do with your children (or the basis of an argument considering you are basically stealing their Lego).
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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Cosy and green bedroom

Here we are, my second post for Urban Jungle Bloggers! This month theme was “Cosy and green bedroom” and I am really pleased because it gives me the chance to show you the bedroom furniture in briar-root that I inherited from my grandmother. I did this room in 2011 and it is still a lovely space to rest and wind down. We are really lucky because the sun hits the bed in the morning, making the stolen minutes in bed in the morning a royal treat. I wanted to give it a colonial mood (unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the African inspired painting on the other wall)  and I think I managed, mixing, like I always do, different styles. A few indications just in case you are curious. The little wooden face framed above the brown leather 1960’s chair is from Sri Lanka, the map and the Art Deco light are  antique, the poster is from a Guggenheim exhibition, the pink pots are painted by me, the two big photo frames are custom made and the little one is antique, the sheets are from Zara Home, the stripey cushion on the bed is from Ikea (used backwards) and my sister bought the blue cushion in Vietnam when we went in 1995 (one of the best journeys of my life with an ideal companion).
In next post I will give you some ideas for Christmas presents so keep tuned!
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Urban Jungle Bloggers : “My plant shelfie”

How exciting, this is my first post as a Urban Jungle Blogger! The topic of the month is “My plant shelfie” which is very convenient considering that I have just bought some stunning black cowslips to plant next to my gorgeous small cyclamen. As you can well see, I love books and I have quite a few coffee table books. I love them because they look good, they smell good, every time I flick through one of them I spot something I haven’t seen before, they are inspiring and they are for forever
I hope you like my photos, it is really difficult to take decent pics of interiors, things look much more boring and dull through an inexperienced lens!