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A good example of how to use colours and some thoughts about the present

A friend of mine have just left a comment below one of my posts on Instagram noting that I have published quite a bit of beautiful hotels recently and if that hides a desire to travel. Yes, it does. In the last few weeks I have felt a bit caged. I miss exploring. I can’t even got to see an exhibition! Museums in Italy are open Monday to Friday until 18.00, basically they are open for retired people who probably don’t go anyway considering they are the most vulnerable age. We need to be more patient, things are going eventually to settle down even if I wonder if they are ever going to be back to how they were.

Going back to the my recent obsession for hotels, today we are going to speak about Hotel Les Deux Gares. Located between Gare du Nord and Gare de L’Est in Paris (hence the name), this small hotel has everything you need, including a gym and a lovely atmosphere. The interiors were designed by British enfant-prodige Luke Edward Hall and they are an excellent example of how colours can transform a place. The young designers has cleverly mixed vibrant greens, yellows, pinks and light blues with touches of red, geometric patterns, stripes, fringes, leopard and much more. The space look so cohesive though because the main colours are recurring even if used in different ways: light blue can be for instance a sink, in a stripy fabric, a wall, the background of a wallpaper, a door frame.
Totally inspiring!

Photos courtesy of Hotel Les Deux Gares.

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Child Studio for Cubitts

I ended my last post about the Child Studio 3D project Casa Plenaire saying, “I can’t wait to see their next project!” and here we are!

This time the British creative duo (Che Huang and Alexy Kos) moved to Brighton to design the new Cubitts store. They took their inspiration from Martin Parr’s photography series The Last Resort featuring images of beach life. The British photographer succeeded in capturing the eccentricity of human ordinary existence with unusual chromatic combinations.

Studio Child designed the spectacles store around two colours, a cerulean blue and a very pale yellow for a modernist look. The result is fresh and contemporary.

Have a look as well at the cool Humble Cafe’ in London designed by Studio Child, a triumph of pink and formica!

Photographs courtesy Child Studio.

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Casa Hoyos, how to drive tradition into 2020

Casa Hoyos, a boutique hotel in San Miguel De Allende, has been owned by the same Hoyos family for 4 generations. The hotel occupies a typical colonial Spanish manor in one of the most historical city in Mexico and it has been designed by AG Studio.

The 16 rooms hotel focus around the courtyard and its archways tiled with the colours of the family shield, black and peach, contrasted by walls tiled in a pungent yellow.

The choice of furniture is original, the colours and shapes of the pieces, many of which were custom designed for this project, are sapiently mixed. The result manages to be innovative and traditional at the same time, preserving the spirit of the place.

Photos by Diego Padilla
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Ikea 2019 summer collection

The month of February is going to be coloured by Ikea 2019 summer collection and it is going to put us in the mood for some good weather!

The collection is designed by Lotta Kühlhorn, Malin Unnborn and by designer group Papperian, a studio started in 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.

The colors and some patterns remind me of Marimekko first textiles.

The collection is joyful and perfect to decorate a sea holiday house.

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Piero Lissoni Color Collection

Three years ago we saw many blue walls, two years ago many black walls and last year we saw many pink walls and burgundy walls.

Lets hope in 2018 we will see many natural and bio-friendly painted walls.

We can start with Piero Lissoni Color Paint Collection for Kerakoll for instance; they are water based, odour-free and free fromVOCs, formaldehyde, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), coalescing agents, plasticizers and heavy metals. It also comes in 100 beautiful shades.

This is the future of paint, I hope.

I really like the green, terracotta red and metal blue in the first three photographs from top in the chalky extra-mat finish @GEL PAINT.

Piero Lissoni –art director for prestigious brand like Alpi, Boffi, De Padova, Lema, Living Divani and the designer behind some iconic pieces of furniture- knows what effect, performance and quality is looking for when picking a paint for his projects, so who better than him could have worked with Kerakoll for a new line?

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70’s, the 2018 trend

This year as well I was asked by the super cool American online magazine The Lux Pad to write about the 2018 most prominent trend in my book.

I believe that the new year is going to bit about pattern; this is my contribution:

“2018 will see a new trend coming straight out of the 70s. We have already got used to decorating with tiles, bold patterns, unusual shades and vintage furniture, but this year we will go for even more pronounced graphics in ceramics, in a combination of colors that we considered dull – if not ugly – before like brown and orange or mint green and gray.

Vintage 70s inspired pottery will be proudly displayed and new versions of 70s designed tiles will make our floors much more interesting and eye-catching.” 

Click here, to read my 2017 forecast.

Tiles by Bisazza

Tiles by Bisazza

Ceramics by K+R

Wallpaper from Wallpaper from the 70’s


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DKUK Studio

Some of my best friends from the U.K. live in Peckham, south London. Our friendship flourished in Brixton and Clapham and over 10 years later we still meet: either in south Rome or in south London.

Peckham has changed massively since I was living in the British capital, it seems only in London can areas change so radically so fast. Peckham is now a place full of cool bars and shops, populated by a lot of people wearing vintage clothes and long beards.

My friends own a very buzzing pub there called The Montpelier; if you are in the area don’t miss it for a real pint (or two) and top nosh as well.

A good example of the new Peckham life is the art-exhibiting hairdresser DKUK Salon with its new concept and funky interior by the  Sam Jacob StudioDKUK Salon was opened in 2014 by Daniel Kelly, an artist and hair-dresser who had the idea of hanging artwork in his salon instead of mirrors so that customers could really (and calmly) appreciate them instead of staring at their own image. I think this is conceptually a wonderfully presented idea (even if I have to admit I would not feel in control of my hair). This very small shop that catches the attention with walls covered in white slates and 1980’s inspired yellow graphic details.

Images are from Jim Stephenson.


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Mazzini 31 Hotel: punchy colours and antique shades

 I have started to work for a cool production company called Allucinazione and I am glad to have returned to normality after the Christmas break.
I am the first to admit that  I’m not a big Christmas person. I like spending time with my family and friends, I like the festive atmosphere but I miss my space after a bit. I like to be by myself sometimes, I need it. I like to go to places by myself. I like some silence at times. 
The place I am showing you today is to share too. It would be a shame not to.
The  Mazzini 31 Hotel is in Monteleone, a municipality in Umbria, near Terni and was founded in 1052 by  Orvieto’s town leaders. 
The hotel is a stupendous palace overlooking the countryside. Well chosen modern elements and all the possible comforts fit in well in the old rooms; original floors and walls present elegant shades of pastel shades, somehow enhanced by the strong colours of some newly upholstered pieces of furniture and the punchy tones of the plexyglass inserts.
For more photos, have a look at their website.  
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Is Vola by Arne Jacobsen over-priced?

 Look at this tap called Vola. Pretty, don’t you reckon? It could give a lovely splash of colour to a modern lacquered white kitchen, for instance. That’s what I thought and was tempted to use it in the flat that I’m renovating at the moment to add a bit of spiciness to a medium sized, average kitchen. The only little problem is, that, it costs a fortune. It costs over $1000, over £1000 , over 1000 euros. It costs too much in my book. It is definitely striking and comes in funky colours, it’s designed by Arne Jacobsen but at the end of the day it looks quite ordinary when you consider how much you’re paying for it. I wonder if there are colorful taps out there that stretch the imagination but not your wallet?  What do you think? 
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Roman colours

This morning I went with my friend Rebecca to the fascinating Circo di Massenzio in  Rome where they were holding a festival based on ancient Rome. There were many volunteers dressed up in Roman costume showing how they used to dance, fight, forge coins and earthenware, cook and much more. It was extremely interesting and it was like going back in time.
Above is a selection of some locally sourced plants that the ancient Romans used to dye fabrics (linen and wool). The colours are very pretty so I thought I would share them.