Taxi fabric

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Taxi Fabric is a project aiming to show what a big impact forms of expression, not yet widely recognised in India, like graphic design can have; the idea is to reupholster the seat covers of one of the most convenient modes of transport in Mumbai, the taxis
The result is an explosion of colours, a beautiful album of pictures and a well-made website with lots of interesting stories. 
From a marketing point of view this is a brilliant idea and I wonder why none of the big brands producing textiles for interiors have never thought about covering, for instance, the tube/metro/subway seats (Ikea?! I bet they will come out with something along the same line).
From an emotional point of view, I am glad that this is an Indian project because these talented young graphic designers deserve such a good window and Indian taxi drivers deserve such spectacular interiors (even if sometimes you have the impression you are going to die when they drive you around but this is my beloved India!).  


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