The Glade, a new idea of trompe l’oeil

in Color Inspiration, Interiors
I just came across a curious and sophisticated new version of a trompe l’oeil and I couldn’t resist  publishing it.
Carolyn Quantermaine has collaborated with Belgian artist Didier Mahieu on the new design of The Glade at Sketch in London, coming up with an exotic, decadent, dreamy garden that functions as a tea room by day and a bar by night. In order to recreate the depth of a forest, they enlarged an image from a Communion card, recoulored with paint and printed it again, cut it and rearranged it with the decoupage technique. What is it? Is it wallpaper (the print process suggests so)? Is it a trompe l’oeil (the painting process and the fact that it looks tridimensional suggest so)? Is it decoupage? Is it an art piece or a design product? Who knows, we just know that it looks amazing and that it is very innovative.