The poetic “Fisherman Mobile” project

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One of the best part of being a blogger it is that you meet, in a virtual sense, a lot of interesting human beings and that people write you to present their work or products.
Yesterday I received a message from Valerio Vidali, an Italian illustrator based in Berlin and I decided to share his project because I find it very poetic and it is inspired by an artist I love, Alexander Calder.
Valerio, a part from designing books and many other things, creates mobiles “lightweight and balanced structures that hangs suspended in the air and.. move delicately thanks to slight air currents”.
Valerio has launched a crow-funding  campaign called “Fishermen Mobile”; you can buy his hand-crafts while funding the project on Verkami .
I think it’s a cool idea for a present and a magical buy for kids. Also I love the idea of buying something special and at the same time helping a talented person to achieve his creative goal.
Have a look at the video, it is really cute, it will win you over.

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