The whiff of elegance

in Ispiration
There are a few bottles of perfumes that can’t be thrown away when finished, that are so beautiful that what’s inside them is not so important anymore, that demand to be put on display. I don’t generally wear perfume because deep down I’m bit of a hippy at heart but I love vintage looking bottles like the ones I’ve picked here. Bottles are what make me want to smell perfume. If all perfumes were kept in old crystal bottles, I’d be a perfume-maniac. 
The other thing that catches our attention and makes us try a scent, are the advertisements. Nowadays the perfume world is ruled by the most famous models or actress, wearing beautiful clothes in fabulous locations.
I’ve attached my two favourite images about the perfume ads listed: Eau de Sauvage by Christian Dior used the gorgeous Alain Delon (below), a man so beautiful and elegant that he makes George Clooney look like he should be cleaning the toilets at McDonald’s; the Pink Candy ad by Prada has an amazing set, a coral baroque room with an elegant grand piano (below). 
What are your favourite bottle? I’d love to know what you think, leave a comment. 
 God, I fancy Alain Delon in this photo!