They all speak about her: Tori Murphy

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I went yesterday to pick some fabrics for a client and, I have to say, it is the part of the job I like best. I could spend hours just looking at the different samples. In my opinion the best 2015 collection is made by Pierre Frey but the designer to watch is surely Tori Murphy
They all speak about her and understandably. Tori Murphy has designed one of the most interesting, quality  collections recently in England. Her textiles are made by weavers in Lancashire, finishers in Yorkshire and machinists in Nottingham; they are trendy but at the same time they possess a classical simplicity that make them a must buy. Tori Murphy worked for years in Milan for names like Fendi and Christian Dior then went back to Nottingham in England and established a namesake brand. Looking at her work I have the impression that from her experience in Italy she gained an historical love for well made fabrics and then infused them with some fresh British style. 

*I made the collage of fabrics at the top but it actually looks very good, not a bad idea Tory 😉