Tom Dixon’s elegance

in Furniture, People
What should we expect from a guy with such a catchy name, born in Tunisia to a French mother and a British father, a former leader of a punk band, who started designing furniture because he was passionate about welding? Nothing less than a prolific and brilliant career to date. Tom Dixon is one of these people I would like the have as a guest for dinner, I don’t know if it is simply because he seems to be a nice bloke or because I hope to see some flaws in amongst an abundance of qualities.
Among the dozens of beautiful things he has designed, I have chosen some objects that describe one of the most interesting trends of the moment, black and white with touches of gold, the colors of  new elegance. 
Gold is back in interior design and in fashion (you should see the golden nail polish I have painted on my toes!).
From top left clockwise:  Screw Table large and small, Cast Shoe Black and Cast Shoe Copper from The Eclectic collection, Wingback ChairBlack Legs, the Lustre Lights, the Beat Vessels and the Black Beat Lights all by Tom Dixon (pictured below).