Urban Jungle Bloggers: “Plants and flowers”

in Ispiration

Another exciting challenge from Igor and Judith for Urban Jungle Bloggers entitled “Plants and flowers”!
I had this great idea about using edible flowers and plants but unfortunately I don’t have the time to find any pretty edible flowers that are only sold in selected shops.
It is sometimes better to keep it simple when decorating and in life too. This pretty little plant is a symbol of this message: it is robust, it doesn’t need too much care, its flowers last a long time and it is economical to buy. I bought it almost 2 months ago and it is still full of cute pink flowers.
The top photo is on a Platner table, in the photo below on a 1940’s chest of drawers next to a Kartell Bourgie light and in the bottom photo it is next to some Moroccan ashtrays.