Urban Jungle Bloggers : #Plantshelfie 2

in Ispiration
Igor and Judith have laid down the challenge again of producing a #plantshelfie for Urban Jungle Bloggers;  it is a theme that gives you a chance to experiment and the photos sent in last time were really exciting (see mine here). 
I am going to give my post a twist this time and unite a Urban Jungle post with a DIY post.
While I was playing with Giulio, I decided to make a pot for my plants with Lego and here it is, my easy to make colourful pot. 
I used a square thin base that often comes with Lego buildings so the plant doesn’t stand directly on the shelf in case it leaks a bit of water or soil.  Giulio hasn’t got that much Lego (most have been lost or accidentally sucked up by the vacuum) so I was a little limited with colours but if you have more pieces you can go for a more serious design, for instance using only white and black bricks. 
Moreover it is a nice little project you can do with your children (or the basis of an argument considering you are basically stealing their Lego).