Urban Outfitters’s rugs

in Furniture



Hello, I had just bought a rug for Giulio’s room when I saw these beautiful rugs from Urban Outfitters. I have been to Urban Outfitters dozens of times but for some strange reason I keep forgetting that they also sell furnishings.
As you probably well know by experience, buying a rug is not an easy task. 
There are two main issues: price and size. Price, because the lack of quality really shows in a rug and decent rugs cost a lot. On the other hand-buying a second hand one, for instance an old handmade kilim like the one I bought for my Giulio’s room, is a slow, sometimes unfruitful job, because it is almost impossible to find a rug you like, with the colours you were looking for, at the price you can afford and with the right measurements. We are going to speak about this further in the next post (in order to answer to your emails!) but in the meanwhile I wanted to propose  another option, the trendy collection of rugs by Urban Outfitters
I really like the first and the second one, from top left, what about you?