Velvet sofas

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It is incredible how things come back in fashion but with a different twist. Twenty, thirty years ago, sofas upholstered in velvet were very common but the colors chosen were mainly beige, brown-yellow and some shades of blue. My mum has just re-upholstered with a white fabric her grandmother’s sofas and armchairs, previously covered with the original blue/green silky velvet (I will never forgive her for that).

Velvet is back in fashion but the tones have changed. The new velvet sofas are pink, bright yellow, dark green, purple; they aim to stand out and not to disappear and they infuse color in the space.

Velvet is not a fabric, it is a weave. The most common type of velvet is made by cotton threads but it can also be made by silk threads, or a mix of them or be made by artificial fibers. It is generally a very soft covering, not too hot and quite durable. It can be dry-cleaned (only if specified so on the label though) or, for a quick fix, it can be swiped clean with a moisten cloth (the sooner you do it the better).

Silk velvet is shinier of the others and more expensive. It was largely used in furnishing antique palaces for its precious look.

My favorite colors amongst the sofas that I selected for you below are pale pink with a wooden frame ,bottle- green with a concrete floor  (first and second photo from the top) and a red brick on a classical sofa (third photo from the bottom).

And you which ones do you like best?


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(Images from Pinterest)