Vintage tours in Rome

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Probably not all of you know that I organize and host vintage tailormade tours for tourists in Rome. One of the most popular stops is Porta Portese, a massive market in the centre of Rome that takes place every Sunday. Among the many stalls selling all sort of things, there is an area dedicated to antiques, vintage and home decor. Some of my most admired treasures come from there (see this chair...).
A few years ago buying at Porta Portese was really convenient, now vintage is trendy and the  market sellers, fed up of seeing the same things they sell being sold at four times  the price in fancy shops, have become a bit more pricey; still bargaining is accepted and if you think outside the box you can pick up some really good deals that your friends will envy you for (like this leather wooden chair)
The fun thing is that at Portese you can find the most bizarre things.
During my tours I show people the best the Eternal city can offer, creating itineraries that take into consideration  individual interests and needs; my aim is to help them to live the experience without worrying about practicalities and with a much better understanding not just of Roman history but also of its uses, customs and scandals
I have attached I few pics I took during my last tour. 
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