Wallpaper: new alternatives to tropical

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I don’t know about you but I have had enough of tropical wallpapers with their palm leaves and exotic birds sprawled all over lush vegetation.

Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the classic or new tropical designs, I just get bored of a look when I see it everywhere.

I have therefore selected some new different wallpapers for those of you who are wondering what the alternatives are to the natural look.

The first one from at the top is Circus from Wall&Decò, a very glamorous alternative to a simple faded wall.

Wall&Decò always manage to come up with something different, I have to say. The Italian brand, famous also for its outdoor wallpaper (see my post), is becoming more and more successful.

The most tropical one in my selection is the second from the top, Miami from the collection Icon by Cole& Son.  It is available also in black and white but I like this variation best, it’s less visually aggressive.

The third one from top is again from Wall&Decò and it is called 17130EWC. I have picked it for those who like a more timeless, elegant look.

The dark red wallpaper matching the fabric of the sofa is Mey Meh by House of Hackney and it is for those who like to dare. Such a busy, unique wallpaper probably suits period houses best and it definitely needs a lot of thought in matching the rest of the decorative elements. In a few words, don’t choose a wallpaper like that if the rest of the furniture doesn’t go with it: for instance a white Ikea piece against such a background would stick out like a sore thumb.

Carrying on, we have Hornbeam by Farrow & Ball, in an unusual and very pretty combination of the colors divided by a frame painted in the common shade of green. Hornbeam is not a new design from the British brand probably better known for its paints, but it is a graceful option in every shade available.

The wallpaper in the bathroom (second image from the bottom) is designed by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild and it is called Bain the Minuit-Mediterranee.

I have to say that Christian Lacroix is one of the main reason why I still follow Designers Guild that used to appeal to me more in the past.

Last but not least a striking wallpaper by Pierre Frey called Soccorro, inspired by the Maya geometrics. I am a big fan of Pierre Frey fabrics these day so I couldn’t not include one of his wallpapers even if I wished more set photos were available on their website.