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One of my best best friends has just got married, so I’ve decided to post some ideas about useful and practical wedding presents. He is an engineer, the kind of guy who is very clever and very rational, who buys objects only for their practicality and good value, so I’m not optimistic that he will fall in love with any of my ideas because, although they are practical, they are also guilty of being too vainly beautiful, but one of them might inspire some of you though.
How much is taste a factor when we fall in love? I mean, most of the time we fall in love with people we like, people who are to our taste: some like blondes, some like them fat, some shy, some quirky. Taste though changes over a life time, that’s perfectly normal and natural, so can we blame our partner if he or she changes their tastes at some point? 
While selecting the items for this wedding wish list, I came to the conclusion that, yes, taste can change and sometimes we don’t even understand what other people’s tastes are, therefore it’s important to buy a present that is of good quality and practical. Perhaps this is the secret for good marriage: marry a quality and practical person, a person who has got substance and a person practical enough to make us feel comfortable in discussing problems in the relationship. A bit like the presents I’ve picked: your taste might change or perhaps I haven’t meet your taste to start with, but they are quality, practical objects that you’ll always happily find a space for in your life.

Alessi:  kettle with bird Michael Graves

 Flos: table lamp Gun_Bedside Gun by Philipp Starck            
– Missoni Home:  linen
Kartell: table Jolly by Paolo Rizzatto