White in the City (but everywhere really)

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In less than a month I am going to the Salone del Mobile, this time accredited as a blogger and not as a professional so expect many photos.

I look forward to finding out what it is truly original in the furniture world (but we will speak about this later on, closer to the date) and to visiting some of the events organized in Milan, in what is called the FuoriSalone. I am very curious to see, for instance, the White In The City installations.  In some of the best locations in Milan, some super famous architects and designers were invited to give their interpretation of the color white. The event is sponsored by Oikos, a paint producer and directed by Giulio Cappellini.

I asked myself, what is my interpretation of white?

White for me represents a start.

Starting is one of the most important phases in everything. White is the beginning.

In spaces and art work where there is no white you can be sure that at some point there was some white (white paint used to mix color, white furniture repainted, the walls before being painted etc). White is the background and the only color that goes with anything.

In art white can be predominant (see some artwork by Burri) or the background (see for instance some artwork by Keith Haring)

Starting something new or different has a enormous importance in our lives and it is the first step of another very important stage which is changing; this is why, I associate the color white with the concept of hope.

In interiors white is the color, in the sense that it is the only color, that it never goes out of fashion.

Not many people are going to paint all the walls of their house green and leave it like that for more than 2 years. It was sometimes said that white is the safe option but i would actually define it as the classic option, classic meaning that it always works.

Below some images prove the fact that white is everywhere, always.

One of the room in the Hotel Room Mate Giulia designed by Patricia Urquiola (who partecipates in White in the City).

Loley carpet by Studio Libeskind (partecipating in White in the City).

One of the room in the Hotel Room Mate Giulia designed by Patricia Urquiola (who partecipates in White in the City).

The photographer Paulina Arklin made white a life style choice.

An example of how, even in a very eclectic and colorful space, white is present (source http://littlegreennotebook.com/)